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Sandown and Lake Angling Society fish on Sandown Pier on Wednesdays and Saturdays

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Welcome to the Sandown and Lake Angling Society. This site is intended to provide members of the Society with an easy up-to-date source of information about the Society, its rules, events and members’ achievements. It is also a source of information for anyone who may wish to join the Society. In particular, anyone planning to take a holiday in Sandown or Lake can join the Society and enjoy the company and support of local anglers.


We have tried to provide all the information one would need to enjoy fishing in Sandown Bay. There are pages to tell you today’s weather forecast for Sandown and the times of tides for the next 7 days to help you plan your day. There is information about the best baits to use for the fish you are likely to encounter in Sandown and also a chart with minimum sizes for each species. Should you be a member of the society there is also information about the Society records and Competitions.


If you wish to join the Society there is a page enabling you to apply for membership and another page has details about the Society's officers.


Sandown Bay provides lively Angling and some big surprises. Enjoy it!